The Porch Man

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Licensed and insured for over half a century.

Quality custom screen enclosures

Howard A. Andrews, “The Porch Man” and company have been designing, manufacturing, and installing custom screen and glass porch enclosures throughout West Michigan for over 50 years. We are a small Grand Rapids company with a friendly, no-pressure, mom ‘n’ pop atmosphere. No pressure because we know our dedication to quality materials and workmanship speaks for itself.


We custom build every enclosure, based on precise measurement of the individual porch. We frame with aluminum extrusions made from our very own die designs. The extrusions are all powder coated in the same plant, meaning every part of your porch enclosure will have a consistent finish. Powder coating is available in white, bronze, clay, and almond.


Wood framed screen porches are obsolete! Gone are the days of nailing and stapling screen cloth onto 2x4's and covering the edges with lath, let alone ripping everything apart just to fix a torn screen. Our extruded porch frames are cleaner in appearance, and they do not require scraping and painting. They won't rot or warp, and screens can be replaced without the hassles of wood and staples. When customers see our product, they tell us to rip out the old, and start from scratch.


First we accurately measure your porch. Then we build the frames in our factory on carpeted work tables. Our trucks are equipped with carpeted racks to protect the frames' finish during transport.

For screen porches high off the ground we build sturdy and attractive guard rails that meet state and local building code. As you can see in the close-up cross-section picture below on the right, the spindle attachment is secure and rattle-free.

More than fifty years of experience has taught us that for Michigan's climate of snow, sleet, and strong gusts off the big lake, aluminum inset screen cloth is far superior to fiberglass. We install our screens after the frames are secured, and ‘tune’ them to a drum tight fit. In the bug-free comfort of your screen room, you will be able to hear the flies bounce off!


The screens have electrode-positioned charcoal finish. Electrode-positioned charcoal finish is very strong and remarkably glare-free. They also have a degree of transparency such that many customers do not realize we have installed the screens until we show them. In fact, on more than one occasion, workers on new home construction have inadvertently tossed building materials out the porch, not realizing that there was a screen there. (oops!)


While our screen enclosures have always been very popular, once the cool weather sets in, many customers start thinking of a glassed in, three-season room. Because of the strength of our frames, we can design your screen room to convert to a three-season room at any time, with attractive, easy to operate horizontal sliding windows. It is a simple thing to remove the sashes to convert back to a screen room in the spring.


Three-season porch enclosures extend your porch season from early spring well into late fall. Both sash and screen can be made removable to allow 100% ventilation. We also offer glass enclosures with removable screens where permanent screens are not practical.


If your home doesn't have a porch to enclose, chances are you have a patio or deck that can be enclosed. Our patio rooms feature all the options and custom designs of our screen and glass enclosures. We use a studio style roof that consists of a solid expanded polystyrene core laminated to aluminum. Unlike roofs for Florida rooms that simply snap together, our patio roof panels have an upper and lower batton joining system that is screwed together for a strong and durable roof. Because many of our customers like to grill, we often design their patio rooms with a deck off to the side.

We would be pleased to prepare a free estimate any time convenient for you. Call (616) 454-9951 or surf to the contact page for other ways to contact us. Browse some of our customers' testimonials on our page of referrals and see photographs of our work in the gallery.