The Porch Man
Howard A. Andrews
Howard A. Andrews

has aquired a few nicknames over the years. Of the handful of companies that started building aluminum porch enclosures back in the 50's, he is still going strong and is thus refered to as “The Dean.” Some call him the “Doctor of Aluminum” but most simply refer to him as “Uncle.” As a master of puns, one customer commented he is a “commedian masquerading as the Porch Man.” Howard has a reputation for being extremely fussy, and has taught his employees to be neat and courteous. He is definitely one of the ‘Good-guys’ in the home improvement business.

Howard's boat, The Red Barron

A few years ago Howard decided it was time to spend a few hours relaxing after all the years he had been working, (often well into the evening hours and on weekends preparing estimates). Here is a photo of his new fishing boat, “The Red Barron.”

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Craig Priebe on an Alaskan vacation Craig Priebe

Craig Priebe is Howard's nephew and has 25 years experience designing and installing porches. He credits his uncle as being a teacher and doing things the right way. Craig and his wife, Nancy, are currently designing a screen enclosure for their new home and hope to add some photos to the Gallery. They both enjoy touring the national parks and fly fishing for Yellowstone trout and Alaskan Salmon.

Tom Ouendag Tom Ouendag putting the finishing touches on a screen room door

Tom Ouendag started working with us in the spring of 2000, after building timberframe and log homes. Of all the workers in the history of “The Porch Man,” Tom has become our top screen installer due to his strength, balance, and agility. He also amazes customers with is caulking skills, no drips, runs, or worries. Tom and his fiance, Heather, plan to get married this spring.

Jim Smith

Jim Smith helps us from time to time during our busy season. A former ISO quality engineer with an engineering degree from the University of Michigan, he assembles porch frames to perefction. Jim is a master fly fisherman and prefers the feel of good ol' fashion bambo fly rods.