The Porch Man
Edwin Van Bruggen wrote:

I found your price, service, product quality, and workmanship all to be excellent. Of the four contractors I investigated for this job, you were the best to deal with. I particularly appreciated the precise, thorough way in which you explained the way in which the work would be done and in the way in which you followed through and did what you said you wo ...

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V.L. Manley wrote:
I was especially pleased with your company's policy of neatness, quality & atte ...
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Paul J. Verwys wrote:

On behalf of the Building Committee of East Leonard Christian Reformed Church, I would like to express our thanks for an excellent job. Everyone connected with the Porch Project seems well pleased, especially the Pastor and his family. Again, thank you.

Paul J. Verwys
Lois Morehouse wrote:
Dear Howard (also known as The Porch Man)!

We just want you to know how much we are in love with our new porch. We enjoy it not only in the evening but also as we eat breakfast out there too! Tinkerbell says it is absolutely PURRRFECT for her too! It's a job well done and if you ever need a recommendation, just call on us. I would also like to commend you for the fine employees you have working for you. Keep up the

Scott A. Kacos wrote:
You certainly custom fit all the pieces in. My wife & family have already spent a lot of time ...
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Jim Reinking wrote:
Dear Howard:

Your reputation for thoroughly professional workmanship extends all the way to Big Rapids. I was impressed by the entire scope of your operation—the taking of precise measurements, the thorough explanations to someone unfamiliar with construction, the precise attention to detail during installation, the cleanup when the job was finished. Furthermore, helping me with my last minute painting and providing end caps to cover the seams on my posts, all at no extra charge, was particularly refreshing. Such gestures are rare today.

And how could I forget to mention the puns and the humor. Fair warning to your future customers: prepare to be entertained by this stand-up comedian masquerading as “The Porch Man.”

The quality of your work is, of course, your best recommendation. However, if anyone wants further verification from a satisfied customer, feel free to have them call me. Thanks for a super job.

Reverend Charles Antekeier wrote:
Dear Howard,

Again I say “thank you!”. This is the second screened-in patio that you have put up for me and both times the workmanship has been exquisite.

This last one on Bridge street was really a challenge though. I didn't think that because of the situation of the garage and rectory we would be able to have a patio, but you showed that not only could we have a patio, but it would be so constructed that it would appear to be on the original plans of the house. Many compliments have been received; everyone is impressed.

Again thank you very much.

Sincerely yours in Jesus Chris
Reverend Charles Antekeier wrote:
“Father Antekeier always has to have the best”. I know that is the reason that each time that I have been transferred and find myself in need of another porch enclosure I call “The Porch Man”. You still after all these years construct the best, ...
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Mel Worfel wrote:
We were very pleased with the two young men who came to install our porch. They were most pleasant, industrious, and they cleaned up after the job was done. All in all it has been a pleasure to do business with you and we ar
William S. Srim wrote:

Thanks again for the fine job on the back porch. The quality & workmanship are exceptional, and after dealing with me, I think you know that I demand the best.

William S. Srim

P.S. I'll call you in the fall for glass

Howard, just a note to let you know how pleased we are with the porch and how much we are enjoying it. The carpet is in — furnishing completed and I even finished the landscaping last week while I was on vacation. Everyone who has seen the porch has given it rave notices.

It was a pleasure doing business with you — you have those refreshing qualities of dedication, sincerity and genuine pride in your work — plus a pretty good sense of humor.

Howard, please use this letter as the Mullen's highest recommendation of “The Porch Man̶

B.K. Veenstra wrote:

Not a detail is missed by this man who I think builds every porc ...

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Marius and Mary Rooks wrote:
Dear Howard,

We are thrilled with our new porch! The angles and curves are perfectly matched with our roofline. It is certainly a customized piece of work.

We truly appreciate your confidence in tackling our porch. Some other firms in town weren't up to it.

Thanks again, Howar

Beth L. Van Tongeren wrote:

I can't tell you all the use our new porch has received in this short time. Between the children using it as a playroom, our using it for entertaining, and our using it for our own relaxation, ...

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Bruce and Helen Bellger wrote:
Dear Mr. Andrews

Thank you so much for a job very well done! We are just thrilled with our porch and can't wait for spring time! It looks like it has always “been here.” One would not realize that it has been “added on.”

We do appreciate the fine workmanship which you do — everything is done to “perfection.” And you are a very pleasant person to deal with. We will think of you often while we are enjoying our lovely porc

Lawrence Vander Klipp wrote:
Dear Howard,

Thank you for the excellent service we received on the installation of our screen porch. I'm sure it will give us many hours of enjoyment this sum

Diane Long wrote:
Thanks Howard!
We love the porch — everything is
Rick Allen wrote:
Howard —

Thanks for a beautiful job done on our new screen room. You have every right to be proud with quality work like you put out. I have recommended you to a lot of people.

Thanks again
Janine Hollsman wrote:

Your worksmanship was excellent and we enjo ...

Donald J. Vonk wrote:

We think you did a very good job. A piece of real workmanship ...

Ruth Rodenhouse wrote:
Dear Howard,

Just a few lines to thank you very much for the work you and your men did on my porch. Also for making me the flower box and fixing my door lock. It was greatly appreciated.

Beverly Finch wrote:

Thank you for a wonderful porch. Too bad you can't guarantee go

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Van Dyke wrote:

Thank you for a job well done. We are very pleased with our porch.

Marilyn and Ray Jones wrote:

This extra room is a real boon, when the kids and grandkids come, for sle ...

And with the mosquitoes that are around this year, it would have been hard to survive without the porch — we wonder now how we ...

Mrs. David Beswick wrote:
I also wanted to mention we were very impressed with the way your employees worked. The ...
Margaret Tulwiler wrote:
Dear Mr. Andrews, Porch Man,

I am really happy with my porch. I think the young fellows did a super job. I am looking forward to having the east roof on hoping it will keep out a lot of sun & also the steps so I don't break my neck some day.

Mr and Mrs Jack Westbrook wrote:
Mr Andrews,

We are writing to let you know that the glass and screened in porch that you did is very nice and we are well satisfied.

We will recommend you to all our friends and other people, who are also in need for a porch or patio covers, or enclosures.

Thank you very much for a very nice job. <

John Frazier wrote:

Thank you very much for the excellent job your people did, it was worth the wait!

Elaine wrote:

Thanks so much. We love the room. Come &

James Vander Bosch wrote:

This job was well done and I want to compliment you on your excellent workers. Bob Koener is one of the nicest people that has done work for me. He is a very honest person ...

Mrs. R. Sutherland wrote:
Mr Andrews,

Thank you for a nice job on the car port. I've had many compliments on it. And requests for your name.

Reverend Frank Graves wrote:
Dear Howard:

Every time we step out our back porch door we are reminded of you. Thank you so much for the care and concern and expertise in putting up our back porch. We have gotten so much good out of it and the neat thing is that we trust very much your professional ability and judgement. The aluminum looks great! Tell your crowd also we are very appreciative of the very fine job done.

Bob and Evie Ward wrote:
Dear Howard,

Thanks again, we are very pleased with the porch and the quality and care you put in completing th

Arthur and Althea Gibson wrote:
Dear Mr. Andrews:

We are very pleased with our new porch and the quality of workmanship. We would not hesitate to recommend you should the need arise. Thank you for a job well done.

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Turner wrote:
Dear Mr. Andrews,

Just a note to let you know that we are very happy and satisfied with our porch and to thank the men that put it up for us. They did an excellent job.

Thanks Again,
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Turner

P.S. The screen door fits and swings better than the ones th

the Czarnopys' wrote:

It's taken us a year to write & say “thank you”. My porch is my pride & joy & we have you to thank. We've had many compliments from family & friends. It's obvious that you take pride in what you do, & it's a shame there aren't more people out there like you.

Thank you again for a job well done!

Merry Christmas & a Happy & Prosperous
Louis H. Baher wrote:
Dear Howard,

My wife and I are very pleased with our porch. Your workmanship is “Tops” and your employees are courteous. We will highly recommend you to our frie

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Freeland wrote:
We thought it is a super job. We were quite impressed with the workmanship and quality of materials. Thank you s ...
Milt and Alice Weeks wrote:
Dear Howard:

The porch looks great! We're very pleased with the end results. You were extremely easy to work with, very conscientious, prompt, and the workmanship was A+.

We're going to enjoy this enclosure very much. Feel free to use us as a reference. We'll take some pictures for you in the spring when the deck has been added.

Enclosed is our check for the balance of the project.

Gracia Blanehard wrote:

Your conscientious perseverance is highly admired and your complete d ...

Sharon Thorpe wrote:
your employees were great — Andy and Chuck were ...

Thank you also for the extra servi ...

Joan Vachon wrote:

Our porch drew many appreciative comments from all our Thanksgiv ...

He's done a lot of home improvements in his own home over the years, & is a real stickler for ever ...

Paula DeWys wrote:
Dear Mr. Andrews,

My sincerest thanks to you for all the help given in selecting a porch. It looks beautiful.

Please thank Craig and Charles also. They were so helpful. And such a joy. They were perfect gentlemen.

Joan Verburg wrote:
It was real nice of you to come all th ...
Hilda Chapel wrote:
Dear Mr. Andrews,

Thank you so very much for a super screened porch. I just love it.

The young man, Bob, is also super. A very good and polite person.

the Bartlings wrote:
Dear Howard and company,

Thank you ever so much for our beautiful porch. It is truly a wonderful addition to our home. Our family and friends will indeed enjoy it immensely!

A special thank you to you, Howard, and Charles, Craig and Dave. You were always very professional and a real pleasure to work with

Sue Peterson wrote:
Howard Andrews Co.

Thank you for the great job on building screens and windows for my breezeway, and for the prompt courteous service of your men that put them up. They look wonderful.

William and Norma Kludt wrote:

The engineering, quality of materials, and workma ...

Donna and Francis Steffens wrote:

We are enjoying our glass enclosure very much, especially in light of all of the rain that we have been getting. The patio furniture and carpet are not continually getting wet and Donna said, “It sure stays ...